December 10, 2023

By Ashley Dinkel

Asst. Lifestyle Editor


For years, Riverside’s Mount Rubidoux has served as a convenient place for students to go for a hike, run or walk,  either by themselves or with a group of  their friends.

Mount Rubidoux, less than 20 minutes from California Baptist University, has been a historical landmark since the 1840s and continues to be a popular spot among students.

Alejandro Gonzalez, junior psychology major, said he hikes Mount Rubidoux  as often as his schedule allows.

“With a busy schedule, it is very difficult to hike constantly,” Gonzalez said. “But even with a busy schedule, I hike Mount Rubidoux at least six times a month.”

Students enjoy hiking Mount Rubidoux for various reasons, including making lasting memories.

“I like to hike because you feel the parts of your body that you are working out as you move up the mountain,” Gonzalez said. “At the end, you get to enjoy a beautiful view of Riverside.”

Mount Rubidoux can also serve as place for students to go to clear their minds after a busy week.

Monica Preciado, sophomore undeclared major, said she finds Mount Rubidoux a place of relaxation after a good workout.

“I like to hike the mountain because it helps clear my mind,” Preciado said, “(and I) feel great after reaching my goal to get to the top and it is a really great workout.”

Mount Rubidoux offers many trails, breathtaking views and photo opportunities with friends. The hike also provides  a healthy activity that many can enjoy with out traveling too far.

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