September 22, 2023

By Brianna Nelson | Editor-in-Chief

It is not our fault. Those are the words our generation is finally able to say with absolute certainty.

A recent study released by the Georgetown Center for Education and Workplace said that millennial’s “failure to launch” is because of serious structural shifts in the economy and less because of enabling parents.

Many believe that young adults’ “failure to launch” is due to overbearing, enabling parents who give their children everything they want.

The survey shows that this is not the case.

The study explains that decent-paying, entry-level positions that lead to higher paying careers are practically non-existent.

Many parents help their children attend college by paying for their schooling through loans or payment plans.

While this helps our generation complete their education without the added stress and strain of excessive student loans, it also devalues what it means to pay thousands of dollars for a degree.

Our generation is graduating from college with a degree worth more than their car, and getting a job that pays not much more than minimum wage.

Regardless if our parents pay for our education, there are simply no jobs available to college graduates to help facilitate the independence from our parents past generations typically had by this point in their lives.

When the Great Recession hit the U.S., the job market shrank, eliminating most entry-level jobs that college graduates held.

Since then, there has been a detrimental impact on the lives of millennials.

Older generations can claim our parents are too involved in our lives, but when push comes to shove, it is the recession’s fault for our inability to facilitate an independent lifestyle.

Milennial’s “failure to launch” is due to the recession, regardless of how overbearing parents can be. However, this means that we have a need to make use of our time at college and make ourselves as marketable as possible.

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