January 31, 2023

By Raine Paul | A&E Editor

“Grace Unplugged,” released Oct. 4, is a Christian film about Grace Trey’s struggle to find a way to pursue her musical dreams while staying true to her faith.

Trey, played by Amanda “AJ” Michalka, is a young, beautiful and talented singer/songwriter attempting to make it in the music business while holding on to her identity and faith along the way. Her father, played by James Denton, is a former rock star who found Christ and parents Grace according to his newfound faith.

Because of this, Grace feels she must break away from his strict parenting to discover herself.

After running away from home to pursue a music career in California, Grace finds herself caught up in the Hollywood scene, learning the struggles of the industry while trying to discover her relationship with God.

“Grace Unplugged” is an inspirational movie about self-discovery that many individuals can learn from.

Not many movies leave viewers questioning their faith as they leave the theater. As the movie credits rolled, I found myself connecting with Grace’s story and comparing it to my own relationship with God.

We have all gone through times when our faith is tested. These are the times when our relationships with the Lord are strengthened and we grow closer to God through these struggles. This film is not only entertaining, but an encouragement for Christians.

While the acting is not always great, “Grace Unplugged” is a film that reminds viewers of the importance of staying true to our faith.

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