January 31, 2023

By Lauren Koski | Assistant News Editor

“We had the best of times!”

With a thick Irish accent and an unapologetic passion to praise and adore Christ, Gareth Gilkeson, drummer for Rend Collective Experiment, nearly shouted these words.

Rend Collective Experiment, a Christian worship band from Northern Ireland, brought their folk-flare to the campus of California Baptist University for a unforgettable concert the night of Oct. 7.

In a moment, the room transformed from a concert to a spirit-filled worship atmosphere with attendees raising their hands and hearts to the King.

“Being a part of an experience with a thousand of your peer group here at CBU, your community, worshiping God together—that is an experience you are going to remember,” said Merea Price, program director of Events and Clubs at the Community Life Office.

Price has a passion for introducing CBU students to good, Godly music. She looks for quality musicians who will honor the Lord and inspire students.

Price said she was proud to present Rend Collective Experiment to the CBU family knowing they would sincerly lead the school in worship to the Lord, rather than simply demonstrate their talents.

The intimate environment created among the students is no stranger to this collection of musicians.

Chris Llewellyn, lead vocalist for the band, says the college-aged demographic is their favorite to play for because it is a nostalgic representation of how their ensemble started.

“Our whole ministry grew out of that environment; it was a ministry for college aged people and it’s always amazing when we get to play for those people.” said Llewellyn.

Worship and praise were the theme of the night—led not only by the passion-driven collection of musicians Rend Collective Experiment, but, as they like to say, “led by the Holy Spirit.”

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