February 27, 2024

By Daniel Gonzalez | Assistant Spread Editor

Enthusiastic crowds, engines revving, music blaring and an ocean of shiny rims. Welcome to a Southern California car show.

Car shows are sponsored events that allow car owners to showcase their vehicles and creativity to the world. They have been a part of American culture since the late 1800s. As the years have gone by and the number of car shows has grown, so has the number of participants.

Car shows like Eibach, Wekfest USA and the Los Angeles Car Show brought the booming industry to a new level in Southern California and throughout the United States.

“I went to Eibach this past summer,” said Alejandro Hernandez, freshman computer engineering major. “I saw this awesome 2012 candy-apple green, lowered, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo with staggered rims. It was loud, fun and full of energy; there was nothing but import tuner cars all over.”

Wekfest is an internationally-acclaimed car show that brings all types of cars to the judging table.

This year Wekfest will take place in Houston, on Dec. 15.

Car shows are only as intriguing as their presenters make them, though.

Shalin E. Gunasekera owns a silver Nissan 350Z sports car and has been part of car shows for roughly two years.

“I love car shows because you can see how fun and creative people can be with their cars,” Gunasekera said.

Car shows build communities among those who enjoy modifying cars and showing their creativity through their cars.

If cars are something of interest, go to the Los Angeles Auto Show from Nov. 22 to Dec. 1 and enjoy all car shows have to offer.

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