January 31, 2023

By Khelsey Pellum | Assistant A&E Editor

Tricks, treats, spooks and scares are all showcased in annual Halloween specials produced by some of TV’s most popular shows.

This year one of the most anticipated specials among viewers is the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween Special, that airs Oct. 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

The show follows the lives of four girls, Hannah, Spencer, Emily and Aria, as they try and solve the death of their friend Allison.

“I am most expecting who the rest of the ‘A’ clan is,” said Salina Perales, freshman kinesiology major.

Many California Baptist University students are anxious for this special.

“I just want to know if Alison is still alive, and what happens at the Halloween party,” said Kaitlin Horne, freshman undeclared major.

At the end of the season four finale, fans where shocked with Ezra’s appearance in the last scene.

According to the synopsis ABC Family released, the girls will crash an annual event in Ravenswood looking for Alison, oblivious to the fact someone is following them to get to her first.

Fans of the show are also anticipating the spinoff to the show “Ravenswood,” which will air the same night as the “Pretty Little Liars” special.

“Ravenswood” will follow Caleb, a character from the original series, as he moves to the mysterious town of Ravenswood.

“I would be willing to watch ‘Ravenswood’ to see if the story line progresses and hints are given for the continuation of season four of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’” Perales said.

Both shows will be a popular choice among students this Halloween.

Other shows airing Halloween specials this October include “The Simpsons.” This is the 25th year that Fox will air a new installment to their Halloween show “For Treehouse of Horror XXIV.”

“Witches of the East End,” a new drama airing on Lifetime for the Halloween season, premiered Oct. 6. The show follows four witches, a mother and her three daughters, as they juggle their newly found identities and battle out enemies while also dealing with the important people in their lives.

This Halloween students will find out if they have been tricked or treated.

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