September 28, 2023

While the United States economy is struggling and many are looking for employment, California Baptist University is still hiring administrative staff, faculty and student workers as part of its expanding community.

Cynthia Rojas, human resources generalist, said all applicants must first submit an online application to CBU’s Online Job Board. The applicants must answer a variety of questions about work history, general information and spiritual background.

Chelsea Dirks, career and internship counselor in the Career Center, said the applicants do not have to be Baptist, but they must agree with the beliefs given in the “Baptist Faith Message statement,” a document attached to the application.

Rojas explained that if the manager finds someone suitable, the applicant will be contacted by the manager directly. The manager directs the applicant to the corresponding departments depending on the position for which he or she is applying.

Rojas added that HR processes all the applications but is only responsible for hiring staff. Career Services is responsible for student workers, and the provost hires faculty members. It is up to the department to hire their staff and the process varies for each.

Ryan Meinberg, senior theology major and student worker, went through this hiring process his freshman year to work for Facilities and Conferences and Events his junior year.

“The hiring process is casual, and they do their best to make you feel comfortable,” Meinberg said.

For his current job with Conferences and Events, he had a group interview. He said that about 60 people were hired out of 200 who applied.

Dr. Derek Updegraff, assistant professor of English, had three interviews and a teaching demonstration that was set up in a mock classroom with questions and answers. His visit confirmed his abilities and knowledge to the other teachers in the department.

“They had (the interviews) set up for different people to ask different questions,” Updegraff said.

Each interview focused on something different. One was geared toward his educational background and one on his spiritual life. The last interview was by Dr. Ronald L. Ellis, CBU president, for his final approval.

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