July 25, 2024

Seventy-two percent of tuition at California Baptist University is redistributed back to students.

According to the CBU website, it costs $1,012 per unit and $13,156 per semester for 13 to 18 units.

“About 33 percent of tuition and fee income is spent directly on instruction,” said Dr. Mark Wyatt, vice president of marketing and communications.

“Another 23 percent is given back to students in institutional scholarships.”

Wyatt said Student services consumes about 12 percent.

About 4 percent is spent on academic support, such as library services, Academic Success Center and advising.

The remaining 28 percent is spent on the overall operation of the university, including administration, plant operation and maintenance.

Among the educational purposes of tuition, there are other places where money is used to provide for the students.

“All students who are enrolled in six or more units are charged a student service fee; that money all goes directly to ASCBU,”

said Brandon Petrie, sophomore psychology and criminal justice double major and ASCBU commuter representative. “From that money, it is divided among the councils. Each class is allotted a certain dollar amount per student that they can spend on their own class events.”

Student Services is the main reason events and tickets can be offered at a discount for students.

“We take the student services fees and put it right back into extracurricular activities,” said Michael Woodhead, junior marketing major, who serves on the Community Life adventure board.

“All the tickets received are discounted so that students can afford to go on trips and attend events.”

Another way CBU is using funds is through the maintenance of the campus.

It is common to see signs on the grass instructing students to keep off while the grass is being replenished.

“While tuition is a lot, the service received is based on the value for each individual person,” Young said. “I would not say I am glad to pay tuition, but I am willing to because of the benefits I receive.”

Students may not like paying for high tuition, but the benefits of attending a private school, like CBU, can be found when costs are broken down and evaluated.

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