March 2, 2024

After the thrilling ending to the Bowl Championship Series title game held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., it was announced over the stadium loudspeaker that postseason college football would come to an end.

The Bowl Championship Series started in Birmingham, Ala., in the Southeastern Conference offices. In time, the sport grew in popularity.

Even though the BCS did allow for the people directing the bowls to make a ton of money, it also created a lot of critics.

The death of the BCS is largely in part due to undesirable bowl matchups, lower television ratings, the John Junker Fiesta Bowl scandal and mostly because of money.

Even with all of the scandal in the past, the BCS was able to end its final season on a high note.

Eddie Muro, senior communication studies and leadership studies double major, is in favor of this new change. “I believe the changes are good because they allow for smaller conference teams, or teams without the prestige of top schools such as USC and Texas, to have a chance in a bowl game,” he said.

The College Football Playoff will be introduced next season in place of the BCS. A committee of 13 will select the top four teams in college football.

Brian Matteri, senior liberal studies major, said the CFP will be a welcomed change. When comparing previous years, he said he feels like the BCS title games have not been as fun to watch because the competition has not been as high.

“Doing a playoff system I feel will make sure that the two best teams are playing for the title,” Matteri said. Overall, he said he is a fan of the change and predicts “it will make the bowl games more enjoyable.”

The CFP committee will meet periodically throughout the season and publish their own top 25. The committee is also in charge of placing teams in the unaffiliated bowls such as the Cotton and Chick-fil-A bowls because they are a part of the CFP contract.

The Rose, Sugar and Orange Bowls will also be included in the contract but have been slightly altered. The Rose Bowl will include a playoff between a team from the Pac-12 and from the Big Ten. The Sugar Bowl will include a playoff between a team from the SEC and a team from the Big 12, and the Orange Bowl will include a playoff between teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

It does not matter what the future holds for the CFP, college football fans and players will finally get the National Collegiate Athletics Association playoff they deserve.

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