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Students, alumni and creatives alike were in for a treat at the recent art show “Momentum,” hosted by California Baptist University College of Architecture, Visual Arts and Design Jan. 30 at the CBU Gallery.

The show, which boasted the work of four CBU professors, showed how design professors are active in their fields.

Michael Berger, Dirk Dallas, Trevor Hoehne and Thomas Renck were the four professors who showcased their work at the “Momentum” show.

Students who attended the show said they were impressed by the talents and work shown by the professors they see on a weekly basis.

Allison Hatloe, junior graphic design major, said she was particularly affected by the real-world advice and professionalism shown by her design professors.

“I’ve been to (CAVAD art shows) a couple different times,” Hatloe said. “I really like being inspired by the people teaching me. It shows that (the professors) are really relevant, and that’s part of the reason I came to CBU.”

Similarly, Amanda Johnson, senior graphic design major, said she was heartened by her professors’ dedication to their work and was inspired not only in the moment but for her senior show, a gallery event in which senior CAVAD students participate.

Professors like Michael Berger, CAVAD director of design and photography, said the talents showcased at the gallery are not only to show students their professors’ work outside of campus, but also to give the professors a chance to show their work together.

“Someday it will be really hard to get ahold of these guys, so that’s the privilege you get,” Berger said. “When you go to CBU and you’re in these programs, you have access to us. And that’s any professional on CBU’s campus.”

“Momentum” showcased a side of the professors students might not see in the classroom.

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