Speaker discusses biblical person-hood

In a culture where expectations for men and women are deteriorating, believers strive to act in accordance to  commands set forth in the Bible.

Executive Director of The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Dr. Owen Strachan visited California Baptist University as a guest lecturer for the chapel series that the Office of Spiritual Life is conducting.

For the next 30 days of February and early March, students are encouraged to seek out God’s purpose for men and women.

“We live in a society where there are all kinds of ideas about what that means,” said John Montgomery, dean of Spiritual Life. “Probably more often than not, most people aren’t thinking, ‘How should I live as a man?’ or ‘How should I live as a woman?’ and I think specifically, as Christians, we often do not think, ‘What does it mean to be a follower of Christ who’s a man or a follower of Christ who’s a woman?’”

The purpose of this series is to get back to the root of this teaching.

Strachan not only spoke in all chapel sections, but he was also available for a meet-and-greet and a question-and-answer gathering Feb. 3. For the meet-and-greet, he met with students at Wanda’s Cafe to discuss biblical manhood and womanhood and any other topics that they wished to examine together.

Two students, Trevor Berndt, sophomore civil engineering major, and Nathaniel Rotondo, freshman accounting major, sat with Strachan to discuss numerous topics, including matters found in his book, “The Risky Gospel,” which the Office of Spiritual Life sells.

“We were talking about The Great Commission,” Berndt said. “The gospel is something that Jesus asks us to take risks in and for us to commit our ways to Christ and how he did things and follow in that same pattern, which is not easy or comfortable.”

Some might even say it is “risky.” Strachan said his main objective through his ministry at CBU is to emphasize the responsibilities expected of godly men.

“A man is fundamentally a leader, protector and provider,” Strachan said. “I ground that in the example of Boaz in the Old Testament book of Ruth, and then I ultimately connect that to Jesus Christ and show that Jesus leads his church, provides salvation for his church, and once he has secured his people, protects us from the enemy.”

Strachan discussed men’s behaviors that are now considered cultural norms, and he contrasted these with how the Bible defines a man of God.

The chapel series continues over the course of the next 30 days, with other speakers such as Erin Davis and Bay and Peg Forrest, who will be also addressing what it takes to be a biblical man or woman.

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