December 3, 2023

Most athletes who are unable to play at the collegiate level look back on their high school years and reminisce on their glory days.

However, intramural sports at California Baptist University have supplied athletes with an active outlet through which they are able to continue playing the sport.

When one thinks of intramural sports, they often think of fun, light-hearted games where there is little to no emphasis placed on winning or intense competition.

For CBU intramurals, this is certainly not this case. The men’s basketball intramural teams are highly competitive and play to win.

Formulating plays as well as an overall strategy, intramurals sports are taken more seriously than one might presume.

“(Our team) has a certain philosophy,” said Jalen Jury, junior business administration major, former CBU men’s basketball player and coach of the intramural team, The Block.

“It’s called ‘Run and Gun,’” he said. “We play fast, we score fast and we stop the other team from scoring so we can get the ball back and score.”

With a strict on-court regimen, The Block is undefeated, with a 2-0 winning record.

Jury said winning is his favorite part of participating in intramural sports at CBU.

Jury was also a part of Stealth, the winning team at Fortuna Bowl, the intramural flag football annual championship game.

For Cameron Allen, junior kinesiology major and transfer student from College of DuPage in Chicago, Ill., intramurals have been an avenue to meet new people and become involved on campus.

Since moving to CBU, Allen has joined The Block and said he has enjoyed being part of a winning team.

After one of The Block’s opponents saw the score of the last game they played, they forfeited so they would not have to go up against this powerhouse team, Allen said.

“(Intramurals) provides a competitive outlet compared to school,” Allen said. “In school, you kind of compete with people who are in your classes, but sports enable you to participate in more direct competition.”

Allen played flag football at his previous school.

Standing 6 feet, 6 inches tall, Allen is able to contribute to The Block by playing the positions of both a  forward and center.

As a transfer to CBU, Allen was able to get plugged in with a group of guys who shared his same love for athletic competition.

“I got to know the team really well,” Allen said. “I was able to get a feel for who’s around me. Intramurals have helped a lot since I transferred.”

The intramural basketball season lasts roughly eight games before playoffs begin.

CBU intramurals provide retired athletes a way to connect with other fellow athletes on campus, as well as give an avenue for players to showcase their skills and participate in the game they enjoy.

The competitive atmosphere fosters tight friendships among intramural teammates.

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