June 25, 2024

The Super Bowl is the only football game I watch all year. With little interest in which team gets the football into the end zone, the Super Bowl is an excuse to get together with friends and family, eat chips and guac, and of course, watch the Super Bowl commercials.

Between the dozens of alcoholic beverage and car commercials, it was a Microsoft advertisement that really stood out.

Highlighting the incredible power and infinite possibilities of technology, the commercial was inspiring. It showed a little bit of the magic happening all around us due to the incredible power of technology.

After watching this commercial I found a big smile not only stretched across my face, but across the many other faces in the room. Everyone agreed that Microsoft had just won the “Best Super Bowl Commercial of 2014” award.

I am a diehard Apple fan, but with my MacBook on my lap and iPhone in hand, I suddenly found myself rooting for the other team.

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