September 28, 2023

Knitting and crocheting are skills that have been developed and taught all over the world. With their unique precision and beautiful designs, these art forms have become mainstay hobbies with many rewarding benefits.

California Baptist University has proven to have a diverse student body. The hobbies some students choose to partake in is proof of this diversity because some of these diverse activities consume large amounts of time.

Christopher Kyle, senior music education major, spends five to six hours a week knitting specialty items for himself and his peers.

“I took up knitting when I was in South Korea volunteering for a school to teach Korean kids English,” Kyle said. “I learned to knit using chopsticks and spare craft material from our classroom.”

These types of hobbies not only allow students to express themselves in creative ways, but they give students an opportunity to release stress and spend time focusing on something other than schoolwork.

“I knit because I like the feeling of starting something and finishing it,” said Stephanie Grossehme, junior political science major. “Sometimes it helps me finish homework quicker because I can rest my mind for a while.”

Grossehme said that while knitting and crocheting can be tedious work, she likes the expression on people’s faces when she gives them something she made.

“Being able to give a gift that is unique and cannot be bought in a store is very rewarding,” Grossehme said.

While knitting and crocheting are often mistaken for the same thing, they are two different techniques.

Knitting is usually done using two or more needles. Its stitches tend to resemble a bunch of braids or interlocking letter Vs.

Crocheting, on the other hand, is always done using one hook. Its stitches look like a bunch of loosely tied knots all on top of each other.

Regardless of the technique used, students engaging in these creative hobbies are experiencing relaxation and freedom in a unique way.

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