April 12, 2024

As Valentine’s Day rolls around, feelings of love and affection seem to permeate into every aspect of students’ days, becoming the topic of conversation and the source of both delight and dismay.

Among the delights and dismays of the holiday is the desire to be “Woo’d.”

The Residence Life and Community Life offices co-sponsored Woo Week, Feb. 3-7, as a response to California Baptist University’s annual TWIRP week. This is the fifth year the two offices have collaborated to create this campus-wide event.

This year’s Woo Week activities included the men’s volleyball game against Brigham Young University; a concert performed by self-proclaimed folk band, Branches; Christian Challenge night; and the opportunity to create a date. The week will end with Woo Fest on Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.

The theme this year is “Enchanted Night Under the Stars.” Ian Price, resident director of Colony West,  said the decorating team is diverging from past Woo Fest experiences by “going for more of a forestry, under-the-stars type (of atomosphere).”

In addition to a change in scenery, Price said the audience can expect more of a variety of performances than in years past.

“It’s going to be different,” Price said. “In years past we had a lot of acoustic stuff, just a multitude of guys and their guitars. This year we’re adding  a magician and a couple guys doing standup comedy, which we haven’t done before.

“We have a couple acts that just haven’t been done in the last five years.”

Tim Yoon, freshman international health major, will be performing card tricks at Woo Fest, a skill he picked up out of boredom.

“At first it was just for fun – then I realized it was a good ice breaker. My (resident advisor) encouraged me to sign up, and now I’m excited for the night and to see everyone else’s performances.”

Price said this year the Woo committee is focusing more on the minor details of the event this year. There will be a s’mores bar, where students will have the opportunity to add on their own toppings, as well as an ice sculpture from which drinks will be served.

“We’re always trying to figure how we can do things bigger and better and more over the top,” Price said. “We want it to be something that continues as tradition, something the students are excited about and look forward to.”

It is not just the people involved that are excited for the event. Many students have voiced their eagerness to watch the performers. “I’ve never been to Woo Fest before, so I’m excited to get dressed up with my friends and watch all the guys perform,” said Vanessa Brashear, sophomore accounting major.

Price encourages all students to come to Woo.

“Get a bunch of friends together, grab your hall mates – do whatever it takes, just come out and support all the talent that we have here,” he said.

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