July 13, 2024

In a critical game against Dixie State University, Michael Smith, freshman guard, pivots to avoid the defensive pressure from opponents on Jan. 18. Though CBU obtained a lead throughout the durarion of the game, Dixie State fought hard to close the gap. The final score resulted in a Lancer win at 100-90.

With an entirely new coaching staff, as well as two-thirds of the team composed of new team members, the California Baptist University men’s basketball team has created quite the buzz thus far this season.

The team is currently 16-0, breaking the record for the most undefeated games in CBU basketball history.

Focused and determined to succeed, the men’s basketball team is looking to take CBU to the Pacific West Conference playoffs.

In previous seasons, the team has been unable to make it to the playoffs.

This year, on the other hand, the basketball team is currently ranked No. 12 in the nation and is expecting to not only make it to the playoffs, but show why they are one of the top basketball teams in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II.

“National championship is our ultimate goal of the season,” said Garrett Jefferson, senior communication studies major and guard on the men’s basketball team.

It has been said for every free throw made in a game, 100 free throws were made at practice. In order to obtain success at the games, the players have had to be diligent with their workouts as well as allotted practice times.

“We have defend arounds on game days, four practices per week and lift two to three times a week depending on the game schedule,” Jefferson said.

Before the season began, the team set three goals they aim to accomplish during the course of the season.

“(We are) the toughest and tightest team in the nation, the best communicating team in the nation and the most selfless in the nation,” said Geoffrey McIntosh, sports management graduate student and guard on the men’s basketball team.

In remaining focused on these three areas, CBU men’s basketball has been able to achieve success on the court and they are not slowing up.

CBU played Dixie State University, previously ranked No. 12 in the nation, on Jan. 18 and Point Loma University on Jan. 20, defeating both teams and putting on a show for a packed house of Lancer fans.

Even off the court, the players commit their diets to eating healthy that will ultimately contribute to the success they will be able to reach on the court.

“Diets depend on positions and (each player’s) body,” Jefferson said.

McIntosh explained staying hydrated and eating good carbohydrates, green leafy vegetables, brown rice and quinoa, as well as good sources of protein, are key ways in which he, as well as his fellow teammates, fuel their bodies off the court.

“Eat before you get hungry,” McIntosh said. “Your body breaks down muscle before it breaks down fat.”

As the season continues, the CBU men’s basketball team will stay focused on achieving their team goals while they continue to make CBU history as they seek a NCAA Division II 2014 men’s basketball national championship title.

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