Wedding trends for this summer to help couples in creative ways

Spring is quickly approaching, and with spring comes engagement rings, and with engagement rings comes the newfound responsibility of wedding planning.

Whether a bride has been planning her wedding since she was 5 years old or has never thought about it a day in her life, it can be a daunting and exciting mission.

When planning a wedding, being aware of current trends and popular styles can help spark ideas. A quick scroll through Pinterest will give a bride thousands of ideas for her special day. According to Pinterest, the main color trends for this summer are mint, orchid, blush and pale yellow.

One trend is giving out temporary tattoos to the wedding guests. They could be the initials of the bride and groom, a cute saying, a quote or even a picture or drawing to match the wedding colors.

Julianne Fain, senior intercultural studies major, is engaged to Matthew Galton, master’s counseling ministry student, and they plan to get married in November.

“Planning a wedding is much tougher than I thought it was going to be,” Fain said. “Being a student, working, doing extra activities and planning a wedding all at once isn’t an easy task.”

Fain said she is up-to-date on wedding trends and plans to implement at least a few that she has found in her own wedding ceremony.

“One new trend that I really like and will probably do is send a picture to the groom before the wedding with all of the bridesmaids having signs saying, ‘Wait till you see her,’” Fain said. “I also love the signs that ring bearers hold that say something cute, like, ‘Here comes your girl.’”

Vanessa Santos, senior psychology major, used to be a wedding planner for California Baptist University and has experience helping brides make some of the most stressful decisions of their lives.

“Don’t take it all on yourself,” Santos said. “You have a maid of honor, use her. That’s what she’s there for. The things you know that you need, get them out of the way.”

Santos also urges brides not to wait to make decisions at the last minute.

Another trend Santos has seen become increasingly common is the first look. A bride and groom will be taken to a designated location accompanied only by a photographer. The photographer captures the moment of the “first look,” with the groom beholding his blushing bride in her dress for the very first time.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but with time, help and much dedication, brides-to-be can accomplish the impossible.

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