October 1, 2023

by Destinee McCulley & Matthew Swope
Print & Online Managing Editors

The United States always seems to be brought into the debate. Whether it’s the Arab Spring, the latest mass casualties in the Ukraine or any of the other social injustices in the world, we have become the referee.

Should the United States, the leader of the free world, be required to always intervene in civil wars around the world? Yes.

If we, as a nation, stand for peace, freedom and democracy, then it is the United States’ job to step in and fight for what is right.

In press release after press release, the United States expresses disagreement with the actions in the Middle East, North Korea, Africa and Eastern Europe but does nothing beyond strong-arming the countries with economic and travel sanctions.

Associated Press reports that in Kiev, Ukraine, at least 100 people have died with more than 500 wounded during the anti-government protests this week.

Ukranian President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision not to follow through with the signing of an agreement in November spurred rebellion. Many protests have gone on in the months since Yanukovych decided to withdraw from the proposed partnership, and there is now speculation that the Ukraine is heading toward civil war.

For the Ukrainian people, this partnership would have provided a chance for their country to develop economically and gain further freedom from Russia. Although the Ukraine is officially separated from the Russian government, the Kremlin still maintains influence over the weaker nation.

The U.S. needs to actually do something. Disclaimer: we do understand that we are just college students who don’t know foreign policy as well as the politicians in office, but how is it OK to allow a nation to use tanks and snipers to control a crowd of protesters fighting for closer ties with the EU?

Diplomats need to be on flights to Europe, talking with the EU and the Ukrainian government about ways this widespread violence could be ended.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry should be using whatever diplomatic efforts they have, widespread or not, to bring many nations together to make a stand in the world that the treatment of protestors should not end in bloodshed.

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