September 28, 2023

With all of the chaos college life brings, most students ignore the importance of nutrition. However, eating breakfast is essential in order to remain energized throughout the day.

Breakfast has been said to be the most important meal of the day by nutritionists, doctors and mothers. Yet most ignore this and eat whatever they want or are too busy to give breakfast much thought.

In order for students to function at their full capacity, they must eat a nutritional breakfast — not just any breakfast, but a healthy breakfast will make the biggest difference.

Kaitlyn Persky, junior kinesiology major, explained that she typically eats a protein-packed breakfast so she can take on her day without exhaustion.

“I can definitely feel it when I don’t eat the right things for breakfast,” Persky said. “I usually feel tired and out of it until I get some food.”

Persky’s cousin is a nutritionist and helps her plan her meals. She said she typically makes an omelet with two egg whites and two whole eggs and then mixes in some cheese, mush-
rooms and spinach.

Persky will also eat a bowl of whole-grain oatmeal with slices of banana on top to give her an energy boost in the morning.

“If someone is wanting more energy throughout the day, I would tell them to wake up earlier and make a complete breakfast packed with protein,” Perksy said. “That should help them feel up and ready to take on their day.”

Serene Clark, assistant manager at Clark’s Nutrition & Natural Foods Market in Riverside, also recommended that students eat a complex carbohydrate in the morning.

Clark suggested eating egg whites, grapefruit and a glass of almond milk for breakfast. She also recommends Ezekiel 4:9 Bread because it is different from most bread in that is has no added sugar and is made of organic ingredients.

“Breakfast really is the most important part of the day,” Clark said. “But breakfast shouldn’t be your largest meal.”

While Clark stressed the importance of breakfast and how it helps people stay full and attentive.

She also suggested that for those who are always on the go, they should invest in a protein powder and make shakes in the morning as well.

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