Five things athletes utilize daily

Rushing from class to practice and games, student-athletes are constantly on the go. In order to balance a busy schedule without neglecting the need to cater to their body due to the high physical demand of their sport, they must be equipped with the necessary performance gear at all times.

There are five things athletes should never be without.

1. Water

As an athlete, Emily Cardona, freshman kinesiology major and member of California Baptist University’s women’s water polo team, said water is a necessity and she is never without it.

“Even though I am in a pool, I still sweat,” Cardona said.

2. Spikes

Track and cross country athletes are never without spikes or their running shoes.

Sean Henning, assistant cross country and track coach, said spikes and training shoes are designed to give athletes comfort when running for 1-2 hours, and they need something to cushion their body, which helps them run faster.

3. Painkiller

Jacqueline Anderson, junior nursing major and runner on CBU’s cross country and track team, said she is never without a painkiller, such as Tylenol.

“For me, track meets are 6-hour-long days, and especially on the hit days, you can get dehydrated and get a headache, so it’s always handy to keep Tylenol with you,” Anderson said.

4. Ice or an ice pack

“Most runners ice their legs to reduce inflammation and aid muscle recovery by just cooling their core temperature down,” Henning said.

He said it is important to ice after workouts, because failing to do so can affect the recovery process  as well as  soreness.

5. Lip balm and gum

Alysa Avila, freshman psychology major and cross country runner, is never without her lip balm and gum because she said she typically gets cotton mouth.

“The gum makes more saliva in my mouth so it makes my throat moist and not dry,” Avila said.

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