January 31, 2023

CBU’s pep band uses music to pump up Lancer fans during a basketball game. The band plays top hits such as “Single Ladies” by Beyonce. Jared Overstreet | Banner

A sea of rambunctious students in white Crazies t-shirts fills the crowded Van Dyne Gymnasium as the home team is fired up and ready to play.

The California Baptist University pep band adds to the hype created by the Lancer nation as their songs echo outside  the gym doors.

The CBU pep band uses their musical abilities to elevate the home game atmosphere to a new level. After rehearsing popular and upbeat songs, the band sets up in the gym to cheer on their Lancers.

Guy Holliday, assistant professor of music and Lancer pep band director, said the purpose of the band is to support the team, promote school spirit and entertain the crowd.

“Pep band adds a great deal to the Lancer atmosphere by keeping the crowd engaged, the team pumped up and maybe even by adding a element of ‘friendly intimidation’ for the other team,” Holliday said.

The support of the crowd has an influence on the court for Lancer athletes and the pep band is an important part of the crazy atmosphere that is obvious the moment fans enter the gym.

“The band provides the soundtrack for the game,” said Scott Sandy, senior biology major and trumpet player for the CBU pep band. “Our goal is to increase the energy and excitement for the home team.”

Sandy said his favorite part of pep band is getting to cheer on the basketball teams and he said he has seen some great games this year.

“Even with the (basketball) games being sold out this season, you always have a seat when you’re in the pep band,” Sandy said.

Matthew Kost, junior music education major and tenor saxophone band member, said the pep band works with the CBU Crazies to build an interactive and fun atmosphere for games.

“The pep band brings an energy that is contagious,” he said.

On the court, Lancer athletes appreciate the support that they feel from the crowd.

“The pep band is part of the college basketball experience, and when the crowd gets into it, it definitely brings energy and adrenaline to our team,” said Anthony Cosentino, senior psychology major and member of the CBU men’s basketball team.

The atmosphere students see in the gym is unique to CBU.

The pep band is a major aspect of this environment and their involvement does not go unnoticed by fans and athletes.

The pep band is open to all interested CBU student musicians and scholarships are available for participation in this group.

Look for the pep band at the next home game as they support Lancer Athletics and live up to their motto:

“We play, they win, go Lancers.”

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