June 10, 2023

After a 20-year absence, The St. Louis Rams could be moving back to Los Angeles, the city the team called home for 48 years until 1994.

The National Football League team has been the subject of rumors circulating through football media outlets.

The rumors come as the Rams’ owner, Stan Kroenke, recently purchased a 60-acre piece of land in Inglewood, Calif. The land is large enough that a state-of-the-art NFL stadium could fit.

Julio Solano, senior accounting major, is an avid Rams fan and he said he thinks Kroenke purchased the land in Inglewood to tell the world that his plan is to move the team.

“It’s a good idea given the fact that there are a lot of L.A. natives who are still die-hard Rams fans after their team left almost 20 years ago,” Solano said. “I would be more than happy if the Rams relocate back to LA.”

Courtney Ross, sophomore accounting major, said Los Angeles should be able to hold onto an NFL team should the Rams move back.

“I always thought L.A. should have a team,” she said. “We could have the fan base and the facilities to do it despite the history (of both the Raiders and Rams moving to other cities).”

No statement regarding the possibility of relocation has been released. It is unknown at this point if the purchased land will be used to build a new NFL stadium.

Solano said if a move were to happen, “Kroenke would have to file a very long transfer application with the NFL and would have to get 24 owners to approve the move.”

Another rumor regarding the purchased land is that Kroenke intends to build a new soccer stadium, as he is part owner of the Colorado Rapids, a Major League Soccer team.

“L.A. already has two Major League Soccer teams, so I honestly don’t see how another soccer team is going to generate any revenue (for the city),” Solano said. “The NFL is the most watched sport in America, while the MLS is one of the least watched sports in America.”

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