March 2, 2024

Junior nursing major, Steviee Riahi, sophomore nursing major, Marena Ortiz, sophomore pre-nursing major, Victor Capacete and junior nursing major, Nicole Smith use a new study room. Catrina Head | Banner

The Annie Gabriel Library staff members at California Baptist University have set out to offer a convenient and efficient study lab for students to work on group projects.
Previously, the only option available in the library to accomadate large groups was the tables on the first floor, which did not offer an environment conductive to studying.

For a month, the CBU library has had two rooms dedicated for students to come to work on group assignments. Each room is equipped with a 55-inch wall-mounted flat screen monitor, in-room computer, Apple TV and a unit called Click Share.

Click Share allows up to four laptop computers or USB-friendly tablets to display all screens on one large monitor. This is done using USB attachments called “pucks” provided by the library.

“It’s as simple and easy as clicking a button, and it can have up to four screens come up and share one monitor,” said Robert Diaz, access services manager. “It doesn’t cost anything and it makes a group activity that much more productive.”

In addition to providing the Click Share “pucks,” each group that reserves the room receives a box of accessories that includes a wireless mouse and keyboard, four USB pucks, an Apple TV remote, an additional power strip and instructions on how to use the equipment.

“We definitely want (students) to feel welcome and come use our stuff,” Diaz said. “We know how difficult it can be to put a group together and having a room like this available gives  (students) the privacy and the technology that makes their group meeting that much more productive.”

Tyler Masters, master’s of public administration student, has currently been using the study lab with four other group members.

“It’s very easy to hook your computer up and it makes group work-a group of five people- very easy to take notes,” Masters said. “We’re all in the same program. We have one scribe taking notes, everybody is adding to it. It makes it very efficient.”

The study labs are only available through reservation. To reserve a room, click on the Library link at then select the Services Menu and  click on the tab that says “Group Study Lab Reservations.” Rooms can be reserved for up to
three hours.

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