March 2, 2024

Alexis Cutz and Joe DiGerolamo were chosen to lead the two chapel bands for 2014-15. Emily Galina | Banner

In preparation for the 2014-2015 school year, the Office of Spiritual Life has selected two new chapel worship band leaders and is in the process of filling the other worship band spots.

Alexis Cutz, junior early childhood studies major, and Joe DiGerolamo, junior health science major, are the new worship leaders for the upcoming school year at California Baptist University.

Cutz, a worship leader at Community Bible Church in San Bernardino, said he developed a passion for music at an early age.

DiGerolamo is a member of Harvest Christian Fellowship, and grew up in a musical home where his dad played guitar at his church.

Banner: What is worship to you?

DiGerolamo: Worship to me encompasses a lifestyle: My relationship with God in its entirety.

It is when I’m able to see the holiness of God and see his greatness, his transcendence that in turn produces in me an attitude of repentance to change me to say, “God, change me to be like Jesus. Change me to be like your image.” Then it allows his presence to be in my life.

Banner: How do you create a balance between God, studies and a  life?

Cutz: First off, God is first in everything. That’s reading, Scripture memory and sharing the gospel. I wish I was always doing this every day, but there are days when I do mess up. From there, God is interwoven in all my relationships, with my fiance, with friends, and then especially with chapel band. Ultimately, I want God to be interwoven in every part of my life.

Banner: What is it like to be one of the new chapel leaders for 2014-2015?

Cutz: Worship ultimately is a huge responsibility, especially here at school, because you are in an environment where, truth is, students don’t want to be (in chapel), and that’s just the truth of it. The first thing I realize is this responsibility. I’m desiring to worship God not just through music,or not just in that moment of music, but it’s my whole life that’s speaking of glorifying Christ.

Banner: Who would you say is your motivation?

DiGerolamo: The Corner Stone in my life is my parents. We haven’t always gotten along. I mean the high school phase, I still think I know everything and they have to hit me in the head and say, “You don’t know everything.”

Banner: What word of advice would you give to a student who wants to audition?

DiGerolamo: First of all from a music perspective, know your material inside out when you come in to an audition. We know that you are nervous, but be yourself. On the spiritual side of things, I value people who understand that worship goes beyond the stage. They should know their role goes beyond a platform. Ministry won’t be effective when all you can do is think what you can do.

There is a bigger calling, and that is to know Christ personally and to love others deeply. If that’s the kind of people that come in, the ministry we do will naturally come.

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