Healthy habits combat ‘Freshmen 15’

As freshmen begin their college journey at California Baptist University, some say goodbye to home-cooked meals and hello to the chance of gaining weight, known as the “Freshmen 15.”

With the opening of new food areas on campus, the chances of gaining the 15 pounds or more may be higher for students, as they have different options to eat what they desire.

Jon Gradias, junior health education major, explains students can be healthy and stay away from “Freshman 15” by keeping track of what they eat through calorie intake and exercise.

“Counting calories, staying away from junk food and eating fruits and vegetables as much as you can is important,” Gradias said.

With many food options in the Alumni Dining Commons, Gradias says the build-your-own salad bar, fruit and yogurt, and steamed vegetables are healthy options.

“Vitality drinks (in the ADC) could be a better option rather than soda,” Gradias said.

Gradias said he gained weight during his freshman year, but tried to stay healthy and work out on his own so he would gain muscle weight.

“Definitely use the Recreation Center, work out in your apartment, do aerobics, lift weights, stay healthy, go on walks and jogs and do your thing,” Gradias said.

For students who want to stay away from the extra 15 pounds of weight, Gradias recommends 30 minutes a day of exercise with a few rest days.

Alysa Avila, sophomore psychology major and track runner at CBU, said she gained weight during her freshman year.

“Once I realized my eating habits in the cafeteria were getting out of control, even while running an average of 60 miles a week, I knew I needed to change my diet,” Avila said.

The Rec Center offers group exercise classes, personal training sessions and workout equipment made available for students and faculty.

“The Recreation Center is a great place to go if you are worried about your weight,” said DeAnna Hall, junior psychology major,“There is a lot of great ways to get fit just by dedicating your time to working out.”

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