Students stay up-to-date with fall fashion trends

Fall is right around the corner with new fashion trends ready to be shown off while summer is coming to a quick end, along with its already worn fads and styles.

There are many possibilities for students to express themselves with unique fashion statements, as many trends and colors will be in style this fall season.

Some students want to combine comfort with fashion, creating a different, laid back and trendy look.

Katie Tuverson, sophomore psychology and criminal justice double major, said she prefers comfort over style. For Tuverson, shorts and tank tops are just fine.

Old trends are starting to come back this fall. One older trend that can be seen around the mall or many popular fashion spots is overalls.

Retailers such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters sell overalls. INTERMIX, a high-end retailer, sells expensive overalls.

“I’ve seen people who can work them really well; however, I’m not one of them,” Tuverson replied.

Similar to trends and styles, colors recycle and repeat through the seasons. Orchid, bright cobalt, royal blue and sangria are all colors chosen by Pantone, a global color company that sets each seasons color scheme every year.

RJ Rodriguez, owner of Vanity Haus in downtown Riverside, said while it is popular to wear darker tones during the fall season, he prefers to bring color into his wardrobe throughout the whole year.

In addition, Rodriguez said he sees a notable popularity with metallic colors and expects to see them being worn this fall.

Not all students at California Baptist University plan on sticking to just one style trend this semester. A wide variety of styles and fashion statements can be expected to be seen among students.

“I have a very eclectic fashion sense this year, ranging from bohemian to hipster,” said Megan Carney, freshman biology major.

Carney said she is planning on wearing dresses often this school year.

A pair of high-waisted shorts with an oversized top is a favorite outfit in women’s fashion this fall and floral button-up shirts are popular with men, said Rodriguez.

As the seasons get cooler marking the end of summer, coats and layers will be a must- have that can be paired with a pair of edgy boots.

“Coats are always a big plus,” Rodriguez said. “California is a little bit different though because we tend to go by the seasonal items, but when it comes

to fall/winter we’re kind of limited because we don’t really get the full four seasons.”

Whether it is following a popular seasonal trend or simply trying to stay comfortable, the possibilities are endless for students who want to express unique back-to-school style by adding their own twist to their wardrobe this fall.

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