October 1, 2023

Recreational sports leagues have returned to California Baptist University this semester in the form of intramural volleyball.

Intramural sports play a big role in building friendships and healthy competition.

The intramural volleyball leagues began playing Oct. 7 and will continue until Nov. 12.

Intramural volleyball is split into two leagues: competitive and recreational.

The competitive league has 18 teams and the recreational league has 20.

The competitive league has a more intense competition presence, but it is still all in fun of the game.

One competitive team that believes it has what it takes to make it to the championship and win it all is All Names Denied, which already has a 2-0 record.

“I believe that our team has a really good chance of going all the way this year,” said PJ Terrazas, sophomore kinesiology major and player for All Names Denied. “We’ve got a squad full of good players and we’re all hungry to win.”

With a short number of match-ups for each team, each game must be played with a competitive mindset as they fight for playoff spots.

Not every team is solely focused on winning the championship. Legendary, another competitive league team, just wants to experience the journey of attempting to reach the championship game.

Kameron Farmer, sophomore health science major, plays for Legendary and said his team just wants to enjoy the season.

“We’re all about having fun, but if we happen to make it to the championship, we’ll happily take it home,” Farmer said.

As the season progresses, some students look back on the teams they were a part of in past seasons.

Terrazas said his team this year is much more capable, and he hopes the change will pay off.

“Last year, I was the captain of my team as a freshman,” Terrazas said. “This year I joined a friend’s team that has more experience in volleyball than I do since my favorite intramural is basketball.”

Intramural volleyball games are played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 7 to 10:30 p.m. at CBU’s Recreation Center.

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