June 9, 2023

As the fall season is in its final weeks, spring sports at California Baptist University will soon begin and athletes are preparing for the challenges ahead.

Men’s volleyball and women’s water polo begin in the spring, replacing women’s volleyball and men’s water polo. Baseball and softball also begin in February.

Robbie Hadobas, junior marketing major and outside hitter for the men’s volleyball team, said he has been training every day, prepping his body for the approaching season.

“I start in the morning with lifting and running for an hour,” Hadobas said. “I do a mixture of heavyweights and lightweights with cardio and plyometrics.”

This personal training schedule is combined with the two- and three-hour practices the team has at night.

Gary Adcock, head coach of the baseball team, is also ready for the spring season to begin.

“I always look forward to the spring and starting the college baseball season,” he said. “It never gets old.”

Sydney Iturraran, junior mathematics major and utility player for the women’s water polo team, said she sometimes feels exhausted from being a full-time student, but she forces herself to wake up every morning when her alarm sounds. She said the balance of athletics in addition to her general schedule is a delicate one, especially since she works part-time and wants to maintain a social life.

Hadobas also said his schedule and regiments are tough to maintain, but the result is something worth working for.

“I have to be very efficient with my time otherwise people or my grades start to suffer,” he said. “It’s tough but rewarding.”

Iturraran said she is going to enjoy spending time with her teammates.

“I can’t imagine a better group of girls to play with during my last season, and I am so excited to see how the season will pan out,” Iturraran said.

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