June 5, 2023

California Baptist University students have been swayed by the lure of online shopping. They are opening laptops and turning on tablets to find the best online deals.

“Online shopping is easy and convenient,” said Deepa Oza, master of science in nursing student. “They always have the best prices and they have almost everything.”

Students look for convenient and cost effective shopping alternatives. The lack of lines and long waits makes online shopping especially appealing.

“I use the online departments of the stores I like so I don’t have to pay for something like Amazon Prime. I’m a college student– I don’t want to pay to shop,” said Robin Dolan, freshman sociology major.

CBU students have taken notice of cyber outlets that offer better deals than physical stores.

Online shopping accommodates students’ busy schedules, boasts expansive selections and offers consumer friendly return policies.

“I prefer shopping online so I don’t have to worry about crowds, long lines and everything that goes with the holiday rush,” said AnnaMarie Perde, senior sociology major. “They have really good deals, too. I’m all about deals.”

Online shopping is a favorite for students when it comes to shopping for holidays.

“I like online shopping because, well, I’m lazy. But there are so many benefits,” said Brock Bergholtz, freshman business administration major. “I shop at Jack Threads. It’s a little hipster, and it’s good quality for cheap prices.”

Andy Grasmick, freshman engineering major, said he prefers to shop online when it comes to finding Christmas presents for his family.

He appreciates the simplicity and convenience of online shopping.

“They take forever to get here, but I don’t really care when they do as long as they get here on time and I get them for a good price,” Grasmick said.

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