June 13, 2024

Giovanna Berrocal | Banner Tyler Wessel, senior biology major, and Shannon Kearns, senior English major, captivate the audience with a performance of “Yours” by Ella Henderson at the California Baptist Open Mic night.

The Community Life Office hosted its first Open Mic Night of the semester, where students showed off their musical talents on the night of Oct. 15.

There were a variety of genres performed by 28 artists in 18 acts while California Baptist University students filled every corner of The Lounge, enjoying coffee provided by CBU.

From acoustic versions of songs such as “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart to covers of the song “Hallelujah,” sang by Zac Marton, senior business major,
the room was filled with a cheering audience of more
than 100 students.

Tyler Wessel, senior biology major, and Shannon Kearns, senior english major, sang “Yours” by Ella Henderson while captivating the audience with a mellow performance that kept the audience enthralled in a calm silence.

“I’m an English major and words mean a lot to me,” Kearns said. “The words in the song ‘Yours’ by Ella Henderson are really poetic. It’s all about being afraid to get close to someone but after finding that special someone, it’s all worth it. I chose that song because I can strongly relate to being afraid to be vulnerable and open to someone but then finding that person who actually gives me strength and comfort in expressing my feelings.”

CBU is filled with different musical preferences that can make for incredibly diverse performances when Open Mic nights are held.

John Free, junior mechanical engineering major, and Bethany Shemanski, junior civil engineering and flute performance double major, performed a duet that set a ’60s tone over the room including a whistling and trumpet solo.

“I was pretty nervous but hopefully it didn’t show,” Free said. “It was weird to hear my voice through the speaker, but Bethany is a great musician so that was comforting.”

The night held several more acts hosted in a space that students associate with recreation. The illuminated Lancer logo in the background evoked an intimacy directly tied with the closeknit theme of the evening.

For students interested in participating in this event, the next Open Mic Night will be held Dec. 11.

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