June 5, 2023

John Victory | Banner Preston Magalhaes, sophomore anthropology major, speaks with an employer Nov. 4 while attending the Government and Non-Profit Internship Career Fair at California Baptist University. The fair was designed to help students make connections with employers and gain experience for future careers.

Students had the opportunity to visit with employers and make connections at the Government and Non-Profit Internship Career Fair that took place Nov. 4 at California Baptist University’s Recreation Center.

Seventy-seven employers were present, from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to Design West Engineering, offering opportunities to suit anyone’s major.

For Michaela Angelus, sophomore business administration major, this was her first time attending the fair.

“I’m just trying to get used to the feel of how ( to network with employers),” Angelus said. “I’m practicing introducing myself and getting myself known.”

Amber Greenawalt and Daniel Contreras, both junior sociology majors, echoed similar views. Greenawalt came for similar reasons to Angelus, and said she came to get experience and gain new ideas.

Contreras said he attendend for advice for a future career and said he would recommend it to other students.

“It’s an opening door to meet an employer,” Contreras said. “It’s a stepping stone.”

The students mentioned there was a sufficient number of employers present and Contreras found one in particular to suit him—the Riverside County Sheriff.

“The Dream Center Human Trafficking Program has probably been one of the most consistently popular ones,” said Morgan Teruel, Career Center counselor and employer relations.

The Design West Engineering, The City of LA and Caltrans also gained a lot of interest.

Patrice Hill, an employer representing AmeriCorps CalPREP program, said this event is beneficial for students because of the job opportunities.

“Sometimes when you’re going to school, students are so focused on academics that they don’t know how to bridge the gap and take their career to the next level once they get their degree,” Hill said. “So these events meet you in the middle in how to utilize those skills in order to gain employment.”

Hill explained what makes a good first impression to an employer.

“Relatability, the way that you look, making sure you’re greeting the person with a smile, making sure that you’re open and that you are interested in what they’re doing,”
Hill said.

Hill said they were pleased with the presentation of the students.

“They are extremely professional,” Hill said. “They are very well dressed and are willing to articulate who they are and what their specific needs are.”

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