May 27, 2023

Starbucks holiday cups stir up controversy

Starbucks has released its traditional seasonal cups. However, they have removed all Christmas or winter symbols, instead opting for simple two-toned red cups.

Some Christians have taken offense to the removal of the symbols, saying Starbucks is trying to dechristianize Christmas.

Starbucks defends their cups by saying it offers a blank canvas for people to interpret and provides inclusivity to all.

Missouri football team boycott over racism allegations

Black players from the Unversity of Missouri college football team said they will boycott games until their university’s president resigns, as they claim he shows favoritism to white students.

More than 30 players from the team in Columbia backed it.

One student in particular took it a step further as he is continuing a hunger strike over the alleged racism.

School president Tim Wolfe resigned Nov. 9.

ISIS victims seek revenge

In August 2014, 5,000 men and boys were massacred in Sinjar, Iraq, by ISIS forces.

Now, victims of this attack, the Yazidis, said they are ready to retake their village. Drones and aircraft strikes have already been in full effect against ISIS forces that are occupying the village.

Yazidi men are now going through drills at a small camp in a nearby village, where they are preparing for the full attack in efforts to re-claim their village.

Russia flies 11,000 Egyptian tourists home

Moscow announced Nov. 6  that all flights to Egypt are suspended after a Russian plane crashed in the Sinai. It was first suspected to be brought down by a bomb.

All 224 passengers, most of whom were Russian, lost their lives in the crash.

The UK has also flown 3,500 travellers out of Sharm el-Sheikh from where Metrojet Flight 9268 took off for St. Petersburg, as it was believed to be a terrorist attack that brought down the plane.

Donald Trump’s SNL show gains highest ratings since 2012

Whether or not many Americans are a fan of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, republican front runner for the nomination, many tuned in to “Saturday Night Live”’s  Nov. 7 show that Trump hosted.

Trump drew in 16 million viewers, the most viewers in four years.

Trump hosted and performed in  skits during the live broadcast.

Trouble in paradise as homelessness grows in Hawaii

A state of emergency has been declared regarding homelessness in Hawaii.

The state is now the No. 1 state for homelessness in the nation. It now has 487 homeless people per every 100,000 residents, the nation’s highest rate per capita.

Oahu, the most populated island, is hit the hardest.

Officials are trying to solve the problem by offering homeless services.

14-year-old Afghan girl fights for kids’ education opportunities

Aziza Rahimzada is being compared to Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai, who also campaigns for education in her home of Pakistan.

She has raised money to buy school supplies, helped convince community elders to allow kids to go and get an education and go to school.

She has also successfully lobbied for access to clean tap water in her hometown in Afghanistan.  She is nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize.

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