June 13, 2024

Hannah Evans, senior sports management major and 2-meter player, recently broke the university record for most career goals scored. Evans has been one of the most consistent players in the NCAA over the past four years.

Water polo requires speed, endurance and strength, and scoring goals in the sport may not be an easy task.

“It was exciting,” Evans said about her record-breaking game. “I did not really realize that I was that close to the record yet. I am very thankful for my team and they deserve a lot of the credit. Without their hard work on the perimeter, I would not have the opportunities to score that I have had.”

The record to beat was 286 goals on the career, held by Holly Curran. Evans broke the record with 287 goals and the number continues to grow.

Evans said she started taking water polo seriously during her freshman year of high school when her parents asked her to go out and try it.

Jonathan Miller, head coach of the women’s water polo team, said Evans is an impressive athlete.

“The amount of hard work that she has put in to get to where she is now is incredible, and she has done it all while displaying great character and maintaining a high GPA in the classroom as well,” Miller said. “As a coach, I’m very proud to see all the success she has earned.”

Chelsea Curran, assistant coach of the team, said Evans has been a huge asset to the team this year.

“She is a very competitive, driven, hard-working and talented athlete,” Curran said. “She commands a lot of attention on the offensive end, which opens up a lot of space for her teammates to be able to shoot the ball. If a team doesn’t respect her, then she takes advantage of the space she is given by scoring goals.”

Evans said the inspiration to play the sport she loves comes from God.

“I try to use the talents and gifts that God has given me to glorify him,” Evans said. “One day the sport will end, but his love for us will not.”

The future looks bright for Evans, in and out of the pool.

The women’s water polo team will compete Feb. 26 at the Tina Finali Invitational hosted by California Lutheran University.

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