March 21, 2023

Jadie Chitley | Banner The cheer team practices stunts in preparation for the upcoming competition season. The season begins March 5 at the Cheersport So Cal Championship in Ontario, California. This showcase is the first of many this season before the team jets off to Daytona, Florida, to compete for their fourth consecutive National Cheerleader’s Association Championship title.

Preparation for National Cheerleader’s Association finals begins

The competitive season for the cheer team is quickly approaching and California Baptist University is looking this year for its fourth consecutive National Cheerleader’s Association title.

History was made last season when the team won the third consecutive title. This season, the women are looking for another championship to have under their belts.

With new schools coming into the division, the team has some strong competition. However, despite whatever competition they may face, the team has been hard at work and plan on another successful competitive season.

Callie McCabe, senior psychology major and back spot, is preparing for her fourth NCA appearance and said many emotions are in the mix.

“I am excited and nervous at the same time because we have won the last three years, so I really want to win the fourth year.” McCabe said. “Preparation-wise, we work hard at practice, and this year we have a good team who works well together.”

Tami Fleming, head coach of the cheer team, is going into her sixth season with this team and credits the team’s success to their consistency in practice.

“Over our time here we have developed a certain method for every practice and they have stayed the same all year long,” Fleming said. “This allows us to be consistent which in turn, puts out the best result at the end of the day.”

The team of 23 cheerleaders are evenly split between newcomers and veterans and the camaraderie between them is another component to their success.

“Every year, every season; every team is a little different,” Fleming said. “This year’s team I am really enjoying and they are really enjoying each other; that is what is making our chemistry really good.”

The first cheer competition is scheduled for March 5, but the biggest performance will be April 8 at the NCA championships. Until then, the team will give it their all in preparation for the championships.

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