June 10, 2023

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Community Life and the Office of Spiritual Life at California Baptist University joined together Feb. 23 to put on a night of worship, featuring Christian band For All Seasons.

Students gathered inside the Van Dyne Gymnasium to listen and worship along with the band.

For All Seasons began their journey in 2007 when three of the five band members led worship together at Biola University in La Mirada, California.

Emily Hamilton, lead vocalist for the band, said she was pleased with the turnout and atmosphere created by the students, as well as the campus.

“We love leading worship for our peers at colleges and especially at Christian universities because that is where so many of us got our start,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said the journey leading up to now has been challenging, but has stretched the band members’ faith.

“Now where we are in our ministry, when things do not go well or things fall through, God has really taught us to keep an open mind,” Hamilton said. “He has proven time and time again that he has a bigger picture that he is trying to accomplish.”

Students who attended the concert were also able to enjoy free coffee.

Annalise Rosik, sophomore nutrition and food sciences major, is not a newcomer when it comes to attending the band’s concerts.

“I know For All Seasons from Hume Lake when I worked this summer, so I knew kind of what to expect from them,” Rosik said.

Rosik said she enjoys listening to the band, either at a concert or through her earphones.

“Every time they play it is always just a night of worship,” she said. “They are so good at leading others to worship along with them.”

Andy Abelein, senior graphic design and digital media major, said the band has helped refocus him on Jesus.

“It is just a refreshing time,” Abelein said. “Somewhere in the middle of the work and school week that we can just come together, be refreshed and set our eyes back on Jesus and what we are working for.”

During the concert, the band played a new song titled “Almost Too Much,” which is now one of Abelein’s new favorite songs.

“It talked about how it is almost too much to think about a majesty, a God who could love someone like us,” he said.

For All Seasons will continue their tour throughout March until August across California. Locations are listed on their website.

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