College football season begins

The NCAA College Football season began Sept. 3 with a match between the University of Southern California and University of Alabama at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

In this neutral game, the USC Trojans fell short to the Alabama Crimson Tide with a final score of 52-6.

The USC Trojans are hoping to improve from last year’s record of 8-6, while the No. 1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide are hoping to maintain their ranking from last year with a record of 14-1.

Dr. Todd Bates, professor of philosophy, said this game confirmed everyone’s expectations of Alabama.

“Alabama’s defense is always tough,” Bates said. “It also confirmed Alabama is always going to be a top-tier team.”

Bates also said USC has some problems with depth.

“Their top athletes in the depth chart can run with anybody,” Bates said. “When it comes to their lower athletes in the depth chart, then they struggle.”

Bates also has predictions about who will be top-ranked teams this season.

“This season is hard to tell,” Bates said. “If I had to pick right now, I would select Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State and probably Clemson.”

Dr. Bruce Prins, professor of biology and the biology program director, said he hopes both Alabama and USC continue to do really well.

“If Alabama does well, it makes USC look better,” Prins said. “I hope the game motivates the Trojans when they play other tough teams.”

Prins also predicted Alabama will do well this season, but he does not know how USC will do.

“The Crimson Tide’s non-conference opponents besides USC are very soft,” Prins said. “USC has a coach that will not mess around too much. The game against Stanford will be a good indication about how they will do. I hope they win, but if they can stay close, then they are a team that could be reckoned with.”

The Alabama Crimson Tide and USC Trojans will continue through their seasons, with Alabama hoping to win the Southeastern Conference Championship and USC hoping to win the Pac-12 Conference Championship.

Alabama beat the Ole Miss Rebels 48-43 and USC fell to the Stanford Cardinal 27-10 Sept. 17.

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