June 10, 2023

Oh no, a woman going against feminism? No, just tugging on the reins a little bit.

When feminism ideals began circling, I believed it was something that would be a positive influence, necessary for progressive movement. However, this belief quickly turned from a struggle of equality to a struggle of dominance.

Although there are areas where women show dominance, we cannot dismiss the fact men have their right to strengths as well. Men and women were created to complement each other, not have a battle of the sexes.

Instead of equality being the main focus of this movement, hatred and revenge seem to be its main contributors. The battle of equality is a hard-fought one, but it does not mean its weapons should cause more damage. Extreme feminists have begun to belittle men and shun those who do not accept their ways, and this is not how this issue should be communicated.

Feminists’ main point is men have oppressed women for too long and it is time for a change, but should the solution really be rooted in redirecting the oppression?

The way women were treated in earlier centuries was unacceptable. Treating women as though they were inferior, uneducated and meant to stay in the home is definitely something that needed to be adjusted, but why do extreme feminists believe the answer is becoming the “superior” one and pushing men down? In doing that, we are literally shrinking to the level of those misogynistic men.

Let us finally escape this rut of trying to decide who is better and embrace the fact that men and women should be seen as equals.

Obviously, this is not something that can be changed overnight. However, if we start changing our mindset one by one, change is possible. I want women to be seen  as equal to men just as much as the most extreme feminist, but to really change a social norm, feminism may have to be redefined.

Instead of trying to prove a point with hatred, conducting ourselves in a more positive way may reap better results. I want everything feminists want — social, political and economic equality for women — but it is the equality portion of that definition that has lost its significance and differs between feminists.

Instead of wreaking havoc on men, feminism should be leading in a way that does not just strengthen one group of people, but make everyone better as a whole.

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