December 3, 2023

[Dominick Copas | Banner] Now located at 12625 Frederick St., Moreno Valley, Snowopolis sells Krispy Kreme doughnut ice cream sandwiches.

Located less than 20 minutes from California Baptist University, Snowopolis in Moreno Valley made its Inland Empire debut Sept. 9 as a new high-energy dessert restaurant specializing in Hawaiian
shaved ice.

With the smallest size priced at $4.95, Snowopolis offers more than 30 unique flavors, including everything from sour blueberry to cherry cola. The restaurant also features “Create Your Own” cookie sundaes, ice cream and toppings for $5.95, extravagant milkshakes with names like “Kandieland” and doughnut ice cream sandwiches made with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

During the day, the restaurant’s name is perfectly representative of the brand as the entire interior decorum takes on a creamy shade of white. Everything from the glassy tile floors and furniture to the 175-watt LED bulbs hanging from the ceiling contributes to the snowy atmosphere.

“When you walk in it feels like you’re actually in a blizzard because you see white everywhere,” said Ninasophia Stowe, sophomore English major. “(It was) nothing like anything I have ever been to before.”

After the sun goes down and night begins, the restaurant takes on an entirely different persona. The bulbs hanging from the ceiling light up with different colors throughout the location. The upbeat remixes provided by DJs from all over the world help transform the dessert eatery into a rollicking club scene with some even enjoying “Tableside S’mores.”

“It’s appealing to young people because of the music,” Steven Rico, junior biochemistry major said of the eatery. “The way it’s designed, and sweets are always appealing to young

Scott Leotti, manager of the Moreno Valley location, has been with the restaurant since its first location opened in Montebello in 2013. Leotti said the restaurant is not limited to its desserts and interior design gimmicks.

“Snowopolis brings you more than just amazing desserts,” Leotti said. “We bring you the atmosphere, the experience.”

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