February 28, 2024

Paolo Bilbao

At the helm of Lancer Nation, the support system behind athletics teams at California Baptist University are the Crazies, five individuals dedicated to amping up crowds and surging school spirit throughout the university.

Gracing the Crazies stage this year is Stanyan Buckingham, Paolo Bilbao, Louis Flood, Shelly Schoenstein and Ashlee Smith. The goal of this group is to keep the Lancers on their game and CBU’s opponents on their toes. The Crazies have been a long-standing tradition at CBU, but this year, the goal is to promote the teams and encourage Lancer fans to be apart of the backbone of all 20 teams.

The Crazies, a tradition nonetheless, are an important part of the Lancer family. Not only do the Crazies amp up home crowds, but they also put a face to the fans and athletic spirit that runs through the veins of Lancer Nation. The tradition continues this year in an even bigger fashion, showcasing the love CBU has for its teams and the true spirit of Lancer Nation.

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