February 28, 2024

[Abi Auer | Banner] Jordi Vigna, freshman mathematics major and member of the Smooth Criminals, looks to pass the ball to her teammates.

The women’s intramural flag football season has just begun at California Baptist University, and the expectations for the season are high.

Carson Belmont, assistant director of Recreation Programs at CBU, said this year’s sign-up turnout has been better than that of last year.

“We have 12 different teams playing this year,” Belmont said. “Last year we had 10 teams.”

Belmont also said four teams are hopeful contenders for the Fortuna Bowl this year.

“The Smooth Criminals, Bus Drivers, SWAT and the Bull Rushers are the most successful so far this season,” Belmont said. “The Bus Drivers have a long legacy of winning and the Smooth Criminals are having a resurgence this year.”

Belmont said there is more excitement this season as there is more participation in women’s flag football.

“Every team seems to have a tight-knit community within,” Belmont said. “They are all really getting along well.”

Lauren Haddock, junior nursing major and wide receiver and safety on the Smooth Criminals, said her team has improved a lot compared to last season.

“The women on my team are motivated,” Haddock said. “We all want to improve as a team.”

Haddock also said her team has high expectations for this season.

“We are all looking to play our best this season,” Haddock said.

The teams in the women’s intramural flag football league are looking to play their best on the field and in hopes of making it to this year’s Fortuna Bowl.

The Fortuna Bowl championship game will feature the top two teams from the men’s and women’s league, both competing for the crown. The event attracts thousands of current students, alumni, as well as those from local community and hosts a fireworks show following the games.

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