July 13, 2024

After two years, Disneyland has finally brought back the Southern California annual passport as an option for a season pass for California residents.

In the interest of decreasing overwhelming lines and overcrowding in the park, Disneyland has decided to raise the prices of these passes by nearly $100 so guests traveling from far away are not discouraged by the California resident crowds.

Prior to Disneyland’s decision to remove the pass, many visitors, including those internationally, had voiced concerns over whether or not their expensive experience had been worth it. There is rarely a day that goes by where the park is not busy, so the family vacation to the park is worth every penny.

Miranda Martinez, freshman health science major, said she agrees with  Disneyland’s decision to raise prices as the park expands.

“It makes sense that Disney would want to keep residents from making the park too busy because people come from all over just to come to Disneyland,” Martinez said. “If prices were lower, everyone who lives here would be going all the time while others may not get the chance.”

Regardless of the price increase, there are many Southern California residents who said they are just happy to have the annual passport option once again. Many said they feel Disneyland is a home away from home or even just a stress-free environment to go to after a long week.

“Disneyland is worth the price for the experience, especially being able to go whenever I am in need of a Disney day to relax and enjoy the happiest place on earth,” said Devon McGhehee, senior business administration major.

The future remains bright for the company, as well as for its guests.

Only time will tell whether the magic of the park stays the same for the additional cost, but for now, Southern California residents can be happy with the return of the Southern California annual passport and be able to enjoy even more days at the iconic park.

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