June 23, 2024

In its athletic history, California Baptist University has notched plenty of notable achievements. To document the road to success, CBU Athletics launched “TOTAL ACCESS,” a YouTube series documenting the life of women’s volleyball, men’s basketball and baseball.

The series will give viewers insight on the challenges teams face throughout the course of the season and what exactly goes into preparation for each game day.

Dr. Micah Parker, director of athletics, said the goal of “TOTAL ACCESS” is to showcase who the teams are, the camaraderie, the intensity and work off and on the court.

Parker also said the fans and students will gain a behind-the-scenes point of view on what it takes to compete at the NCAA Division II level.

The Lancer Digital Network previously featured in-game highlights. With “TOTAL ACCESS” much more of the lives of featured teams will be covered.

Micah Fuller, associate athletic director for marketing and media relations, said the goal of “TOTAL ACCESS” was to provide an engaging multimedia platform fans could enjoy. Fuller said the idea turned into reality with the help of Parker and Bud’s Tire Pros, a long-time sponsor of CBU Athletics.

“We hired Jason Stephenson, director of media production, over the summer, invested thousands of dollars in video and editing equipment and made ‘TOTAL ACCESS’ a reality,” Fuller said. “We couldn’t have done this without the support of Bud’s Tire Pros. His support was the financial catalyst to make this a reality.”

“TOTAL ACCESS” will air weekly on YouTube. Currently, the “TOTAL ACCESS” crew has followed the women’s volleyball team and its season.

In the upcoming months, the series will follow the men’s basketball team and finish the year with an in-depth look at the baseball team’s season.

“TOTAL ACCESS” currently features profiles on the women’s volleyball team on YouTube for fans to anticipate, watch and enjoy.

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