Lancer of the Issue: Moorman sets new records

[Reagan Lee | Banner] Joseph Moorman, senior psychology major and goalie, blocks a shot Sept. 30 in the Lancer Invitational against Citrus College. The team grabbed the first win of the tournament 20-7 and remained successful throughout the weekend. CBU finished the invite with a 4-0 record on the weekend.

Goalie breaks career record, set for strong last season finish in sport

Breaking the single-game record for saves at 27 and posting an all-time record breaking 1,129 saves on his career, Joseph Moorman, senior psychology major and men’s water polo goalie, has started his last season off with a bang.

In his collegiate career, Moorman has received three Western Water Polo Association Player of the Week Awards and an NCAA Division II All-American Award.

The coaching staff recruited Moorman to CBU.

“All of the coaching staff have rounded me and shaped me into the person and player I am today,” Moorman said. “There is not a success with CBU water polo without the coaches that we have, and that is what drew me to CBU to begin with.”

Moorman said he has high expectations for the rest of this season as the team continues to improve.

“It has been a great year, and I can only see it rising and getting better,” Moorman said.

Kevin Rosa, head coach of the team, said Moorman has continued to thrive everywhere from his athletic ability to his leadership.

“Athletes look toward him for guidance, for confidence, for knowledge — for everything,” Rosa said. “He creates an amazing family atmosphere for our team.”

Rosa also said Moorman is disciplined in his ethics.

“He is willing to go above and beyond what is required of him,” Rosa said. “He never misses practices and does extra workouts on his own time to get better.”

His athleticism and his abilities show in and out of the pool and his teammates take notice, as well.

Teddy Forte, senior accounting major and attacker, said Moorman is a strong leader.

“The team looks to him for guidance,” Forte said. “His mindset of willingness and ability to sacrifice anything in order to accomplish his goals will grant success in every aspect of his life.”

After CBU, Moorman said he wants to continue water polo and follow his former teammates’ footsteps and play for an international team.

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