May 23, 2024

The city of Riverside has created a website to provide information about Measure Z on raising the local sales tax, which will be voted on in the Nov. 8 election.

According to the website, Measure Z would raiseRiverside’s local sales tax one penny per dollar, up to 9 percent, to pay for critical city programs such as public safety and road maintenance, as well as prevention of homelessness.

There is a list of Measure Z community meetings and online discussions in which the community can participate, as well as brochures that provide more information.

William “Rusty” Bailey III, mayor of Riverside, said he hopes the website will help voters understand the measure better.

“I hope this measure passes because it will help with the progress in our city,” Bailey said. “We want to continue the momentum for Riverside into the future in terms of the quality of life and infrastructure.”

The website includes an overall explanation of Measure Z, along with YouTube videos of City Manager John Russo explaining the placement of
Measure Z on the ballot and Bailey introducing the measure and why it is important to the government.

Daniel Palomo, senior business administration major, said he felt more informed about the measure after looking at the website with the videos and the information provided.

“By creating this website, it was a smart move by the city of Riverside because it informs citizens about the new sales tax,” Palomo said.

“I definitely feel the website persuades voters into voting yes, but does not provide any information on voting no, which is the only downside to the website.”

The measure could take up to 20 years if passed.

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