May 25, 2024

[Dominick Copas | Banner] Fonzi Mig, owner, prepares to cook another pizza in the Chicago Pizza House kitchen. Mig said there is no cutting corners when it comes to cooking the authentic food he takes pride in creating.

Pasta house makes list of premier local restaurants

The Press Enterprise’s 21st Annual Reader’s Choice for Best of Inland Empire 2016 released its top three choices for food and drink with Chicago Pasta House as its top choice for best family-friendly restaurant in the metropolitan area.

Located in Moreno Valley just off Highway 60, Chicago Pasta House specializes in authentic Italian food and serves drinks, pasta and a Chicago classic, deep-dish pizza.

The aroma of tomatoes, cheese and garlic fills the simple and cozy little building. Each booth and chair is filled with customers ordering everything from the meat lover’s deep-dish for $16.50 or the veal parmesan for $15, to more traditional Italian dishes like spaghetti and ravioli for about $9.

Noah Hernandez, freshman architecture major, notes the distinction of the restaurant’s pizza in comparison to other Italian restaurants.

“How they put it together and how they packed it in, it tasted like they (really) put it together,” Hernandez said.

Following the character of its owner, Chicago Pasta House has a sincere dedication to the authenticity of the food it serves. Many of the choices, such as the cream-filled cannoli, may be unfamiliar for those who are used to eating at less authentic restaurants. Yet owner Fonzi Mig said he believes the food should be true to where it comes from originally.

“This is a gourmet pizza,” Mig said. “No cutting corners and integrity, or my loyal customers and native ‘Chicagoans’ will let me know. I take pride
in this food. It’s not my job. This is my life.”

When it comes to his restaurant, Mig’s expectations for his food are admirable and the reason why the restaurant earned its latest award. After years of experience in the industry and an entire family to support him, Mig has made a unique part of his heart present in each of the dishes Chicago Pizza House serves.

Caleb Cameron, freshman health science major, said he enjoys the mix of authenticity and rich quality of the food. He said he was especially impressed with the deep-dish style and how it all worked so well.

As the restaurant nears the end of the calendar year, it can enjoy the success of its latest achievement and continue on serving intricate, fresh and award-winning Italian cuisine to its customers.

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