April 14, 2024

[Alem Carcamo | Banner] Frank Senturier, California Baptist University bus driver, parks the trolley in the Magnolia Church parking lot to take a break from driving his daily route.

The newest solution in overflow parking comes in the form of a big, red trolley at California Baptist University. The trolley, often seen roaming around campus at
intervals, is being leased by CBU with an option to purchase it after the leasing period ends.

“We believe the need will be ongoing for the reasonably foreseeable future,” said Jim Walters, director of Public Safety.

Staff parking off-campus is not a recent development. For the past two years, staff have been required to park in the parking lot between Magnolia Grand, an independent living facility, and Magnolia Church, as well as in the far side of The Colony Apartments living area. The requirement comes from an influx of students and faculty needing spaces to park in commuter and residential lots.

The trolley should help solve the parking problem.

“It currently runs Monday-Friday, every 15 minutes on the quarter hour between 7-9 a.m. and 4-7 p.m,” Walters said. “Between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. it runs every 30 minutes on the half hour, picking up from the Magnolia Church North Parking Lot.”

The trolley stops in front of the Office of Spiritual Life in Lancer Plaza, at the Joann Hawkins Music Building and in front of the Yeager Center.

KaLinda Stuber, senior history major and commuter, said the struggle to find parking in lots shared by staff and students.

“The trolley does not bother me,” Stuber said. “I think everyone who commutes struggles to find parking, both students and staff. Overall, the trolley isn’t solving the parking issue. It is still something staff and commuters are struggling with and will continue to struggle with until there is another lot or parking garage available to commuters.”

Gloria Salazar, shadowdriver for Public Safety, said she enjoys her job as a trolley driver, but she sees the difficulties some staff may have as well.

“When there is traffic, a lot of people miss the trolley and they have to walk or wait for the next one,” Salazar said.

Salazar also said there are about three staff on the trolley at a time.

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