April 14, 2024

The Associated Students of California Baptist University held a runoff election for the freshman representatives Oct. 3-4 because no single candidate received the majority vote.

Because no candidate received the majority vote, the student body cast another round of votes for six out of the 11 freshman candidates.

ASCBU sent an email to the freshmen Oct. 3, giving them a chance to vote for their three representatives until Oct. 4, with the winners announced the following day.

Paolo Bilbao, senior applied theology major and ASCBU vice president for communications, said the runoff election happened last semester as well, but that time it was during the Senate elections.

Prior to the elections, students had a chance to view each candidates’ profiles which gave them more details to make an informed choice.

“The three chosen candidates from the runoff election will represent the freshmen,” Bilbao said.

The three winners of the runoff election were Noel Hawkins, freshman biology major; Cheyenne Ranoa, freshman psychology major; and Rylee Woodcock, freshman architecture major.

Ranoa said she is happy to be one of the representatives for the freshman class.

“I learned about the runoff elections from Paolo through an email saying I was one of the top six candidates and the freshmen would be voting again,” Ranoa said. “My hope as one of the representatives for the freshmen is to give them opportunities to get involved within the school.”

All freshmen received an email from Bilbao to vote in the runoff elections.

Hawkins said he wanted to represent the freshman class to make a statement.

“I can come here with a fresh start to make a difference in CBU’s community,” Hawkins said. “I want to get the freshmen involved and participate to make it a fun year. The more they participate, the more things ASCBU can put on for them and can continue to do throughout their four years.”

Woodcock said she has always wanted to get involved in leadership and thought this was a good way to start.

“It was exciting and nerve-racking to have a runoff election,” Woodcock said. “I knew I had to keep up so I kept all my posters where they were and told my friends. As a representative now, I want the freshmen to feel welcomed and to integrate with one another.”

The winners will join ASCBU senators as freshmen representatives for the rest of the school year.

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