March 24, 2023

[Abi Auer | Banner] Mallory Cheatham, junior graphic design major, works on unfinished artwork during her free time. Cheatham said she decided to go into graphic design because it seemed to provide the most freedom among all the art fields.

Mallory Cheatham, sophomore graphic design major at California Baptist University, said she has been creating art ever since she can remember.

Cheatham said she gets her ideas out of her imagination. She has always drawn from passion but has not always considered herself an artist.

“I’ve always liked to draw as long as I can remember,” Cheatham said. “I don’t know if I’ve always considered myself an artist, but I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting.”

Cheatham grew up as a missionary kid and moved around a lot but did not grow up in acommunity that really appreciated art.

“People always thought (my art) was cool, but I didn’t grow up in any kind of community where people appreciated art,” Cheatham said. “My parents were always supportive, but I never really thought I would pursue it professionally.”

Cheatham said she pursued graphic design because it seemed to be the most versatile art field to enter.

“I realized I wanted to go into a creative field because that’s what I’m passionate about,” Cheatham said. “I chose graphic design because I felt like out of some of the art fields that you can go into, it’s more practical.”

She said she does not draw things out of reality but from original concepts.

“I tend to draw from my imagination,” Cheatham said. “In the past, some of the projects that I have really enjoyed have been ones about the different cultures where I’ve lived.”

Cheatham’s roommate, Kakeng Her, sophomore public relations major, said Cheatham creates art as a hobby, so she creates art about one or two times a week, depending on how much free time she has. If she is not painting or drawing, she is doodling. She also said Cheatham’s art is somewhat whimsical and imaginary.

“It’s really unique,” Her said. “I’ve never seen anybody else do what she does. She likes to draw trolls but she likes to put them in natural features. It will be a cliff, but it will also happen to look like a troll.”

Her said the fact  that Cheatham has been around the world can be seen in her art through the different colors she uses in her art, and brings an original vibe to her drawings.

“The fact that she has been around the world does influence her art,” Her  said. “In ways the colors she uses and the way she does things or even just the different natural scenarios.”

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