June 19, 2024

A Riverside local joined the Knott’s Scary Farm team and uses the power of makeup to achieve her dreams of growing her career and advancing her skill.

Theresa Lopez, UEI College career services worker, decided to reconnect with her passion for makeup after her children grew up and now has been working with Knott’s for two years.

“I have always loved makeup, but for me in high school it wasn’t the responsible career to get into,” Lopez said. “But as my kids got older, about seven years ago, I said, ‘You know what, it’s time for me,’ so that is why I revisited what I like to do and started pursuing it more.”

Coming in with basic makeup training, Lopez was not exactly sure how it would go with Knott’s. However, through her two years on the team, she has seen a growth in her talents and confidence within herself.

“What I have grown the most in is my airbrush skills,” Lopez said. “My confidence in airbrushing shot up, and I love it.”

As a makeup artist, most clients enjoy feeling beautiful and polished, however, Lopez’s favorite type of makeup is the illusion makeup that challenges her imagination and creativity.

“I’ve always loved Halloween, and my motto is that you are beautiful 364 days of the year, and Halloween is your one day to look hideous,” Lopez said.

Lopez said she believes she has a wonderful opportunity to use the body as her canvas.

Artists receive inspiration for their monsters from the mazes in which they reside. Lopez said she enjoys the job’s time constraints and how they have  challenged her to think outside the box.

“(Knott’s) lets us push our limits and play with it and get creative with it,” Lopez said.

Jennie Lee, junior history major, recently visited Knott’s Scary Farm and gives credit to the monsters who stayed in character and made the experience so realistic.

“The monsters really outdid themselves with the quality of costumes and makeup,” Lee said. “The amount of detail and the dedication to stay in character made the experience thrilling and frightening.”

Lopez does not give herself all the credit for the fantastic show that Knott’s provides and admits that makeup is such a small part. She said she loves how everyone involved thinks of themselves as a part of a family.

“Makeup is such a small portion of the big picture, and those monsters are so dedicated to scaring you,” Lopez said. “You have monsters and artists that have been there for over 25 years … they are dedicated, and love what they do.”

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