December 3, 2023

The Major League Baseball has begun its Championship Series for both the American and National Leagues in the postseason.

In the American League, the Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays are competing with each other for the AL Championship with the Indians leading the series 3-1.

In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs are competing for World Series eligibility, with the Dodgers leading the series 2-1. California Baptist University students are already voicing their opinions for the playoffs.

Cash Mattson, junior communication studies major, said he thinks the Indians are an underdog team in the playoffs.

“Both the Blue Jays and Indians have battled a lot,” Mattson said. “I think it’s going to be a good pitching duel.”

Mattson said the NL Championship series is going to be a good series.

“The Dodgers have come off a couple of tough battles,” Mattson said. “I’m pulling for the Dodgers, but the Cubs have had an outstanding

Mattson also said he predicted the Dodgers are going to win the World Series.

“The Dodgers are going to be successful because I believe they are going to try and win it for Vin Scully,”
Mattson said.

Alma Quintero, sophomore pre-nursing major, said the Blue Jays have potential to win the AL Championship Series.

“The Blue Jays might take the AL Championship,” Quintero said. “The Blue Jays have had a very good season.”

Quintero also said she predicts the Dodgers might win the NL Championship Series.

“I think the Dodgers have noticed that they have to give it their all to win the games,” Quintero said. “They have to give it their all just like they did against the Nationals.”

Quintero also said the Blue Jays could take the championship this year.

“If the Dodgers make it, they might have a chance, but the Blue Jays could win it,” Quintero said.

Frankie Marmolejo, senior nursing major, also voiced opinions on the Championship Series. Regarding the American League, he said both the Blue Jays and the Indians are very good teams.

“The Blue Jays have very good hitters,” Marmolejo said. “However, the Indians have a very good team all around.”

Marmolejo also had some opinions on who will win the NL Championship. He said he hopes the Dodgers win the World Series.

“The Cubs were the best team in the MLB,” Marmolejo said. “The Dodgers have a very good chance, but they have to come out swinging. My heart is telling me the Dodgers are going to win.”

Students will be anxiously watching the playoffs in hopes of their teams making it to the World Series, beginning Oct. 25.

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